Lavanya Textile Design: All countries need India's vaccine

All countries need India's vaccine

All countries need India's vaccine

Under the Neighborhood First Policy, India is supplying the Corona vaccine to its neighbors and close countries. So far, the first consignment of the CoveShield vaccine has been sent to Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan and Nepal. So far 92 countries of the world have contacted India for the corona vaccine.

Sources in the government say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a clear message that the vaccine should be used for humanity. In such a situation, if Pakistan also asks for the vaccine, then India will have no problem. If the vaccine made in China does not work, India will not hesitate to supply it with a home-grown vaccine.

Kovishield approved in Pakistan

Pakistan's Imran government has given approval for emergency use of KoviShield vaccine a few days ago. Here the Chinese company Sinopharm vaccine has also been approved. Its one million dose has been ordered.

India gave 20 million vaccine doses to Bangladesh

India has sent 2 million doses of corona vaccine as a help to neighboring country Bangladesh. Indian High Commissioner Vikram Doraiswami on Thursday handed over the same to Dr. AK Abdul Momin, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. Momin said that India has given these vaccines at a very important time, because the number of infected people in the country is increasing. So far, 5,29,687 cases have been reported in Bangladesh.

Momin said that India has stood with Bangladesh since the liberation war in 1971. Today, even when the epidemic is spreading in the world, India has brought the gift of vaccine. He called the initiative an evidence of true friendship between Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh is the fourth country to receive a vaccine from India.

Help three more neighbors

Nepal - 1 million doses
Bhutan - 1,50,000 doses
Maldives - 1,00,000 doses

India said - full attention is also given to the needs of the country
Vaccination has been done on a large scale since 16 January in India. Under this, two vaccines Kovishield and Kovaxin are being applied to healthworkers. On the supply of the vaccine to other countries, the Ministry of External Affairs said that it would be decided that the companies making the vaccine have sufficient stock to meet the domestic requirements while supplying them abroad.

Cases of side effects of Indian vaccine are less, hence demand more

Most countries are demanding Indian vaccines. According to sources, the reason is that after applying the vaccine made in India, there have been very few cases of side effects. In this connection, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of the Dominican Republic wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. He said that we need the CoveShield vaccine immediately. To keep the people of the country safe, I request you to help us. The Dominican Republic has a population of about 72 thousand. Roosevelt has demanded 70 thousand vaccines.

These countries tied up with the Serum Institute

Brazil, one of the countries most affected by Corona, has also sent a special aircraft to Pune to get the vaccine. It will send 20 lakh doses of vaccine. These have been purchased by the Focruz Biomedical Institute of the Brazilian Government.
Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo of Sao Paulo said that all preparations have been made to take the vaccine of AstraZeneca-Oxford University, made at the Serum Institute of India.
Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency Envisa has called a meeting for emergency approval to CoveShield on Sunday. China's vaccine has been approved in Brazil.
The Government of Bolivia has signed an agreement with the Serum Institute for the supply of 50 million doses of the Kovyshield vaccine. This country has reached an agreement to buy the same dose of Sputnik V vaccine of Russia.

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